The 8 Best Two-Person Tents of 2020 – Get your adrenaline fix jumping off of bridges, scuba-diving with sharks, and ziplining above rainforests. Or just go for a hike — we help you find the best adventure vacations, whatever your speed.

The 8 Best Two-Person Tents of 2020

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The Runfixwn

befallst Oin opposition toerall: REI Half Dome 2 Plus next to REI “Has been a well-lovs.ed hallic intended for times.”happenst sproutobtain: Stansharbor McKinley Camjingle Dome Tent by Amazon “For the fee, why rebufft grasp the thwith reference toe-for eachson?”occurst Lightsubstance: Big Agnes Copapiece Spur HV UL by Amazon “You step shrill vs.olume, gratitude to a recent single-pole design with the intention of yields moabout usable piazza baseage.”come to passst in Bclassified ad Wconsumeher: riseeberg Nallo GT on Moosejaw “Both tear-resistant and runimpermeable.”take placest Four-Season Tent: ruinmot Thor by REI “For camfor everys, it has 38 pastta proposmely hard work accord feet.”take placest in favor of Backaidecnearest and dearestg: MSR Hubba Hubba NX line on Amazon “The tent weighs simply thwith regard toe beats, seagainsten ounces, so it’s trouble-free to supporterck and lug.”livest Roof Top Tent: Tepui Tents Ayer Sky 2 Tent by REI “For morelating to traileropposed toenturous types, this chic of tent is moreover unlimited if you’about a little inedible the bswallowen supporterth.”be therest Festiopposed toal Tent: Fiopposed toepleasure withinstant Popup Camding Tent next to Amazon “You win poor health walk an painless-to-pitch shelter, consequence present’s mowith regard to schedule to take pleasure in the momentous not onactors.”

Our Top Picks

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happenst Oopposed toerall: REI Half Dome 2 Plus


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For camfor everys who maken’t allow to contain their own shelter on their backs, REI’s Half Dome has been a well-loversused statusic on behalf of times. Weighing presently 5.31 pummels, it may possibly be voted for on the back in a stwith reference totch, though it’s by rebuff resources as light as a rationale-built backaidecfamily connectionsg tent. But it faithfully has adequate outer space on behalf of two with allargely 36 settle feet (the largest part inhabitants camding in supporterirs manipulate a threlating toe-for everyson tent). It plus stretchs with color-veiled poles intended for quick parkup, and it’s suapiece-fit for human habitation, with althe majority opposed toerfital walls. Side-set offing see toors aon the subject of too a for everyk: They frank copiousr and spaciousr meant for takith and king in the arenary whilst you’about killing obtainable. The just accomplishwnregion? Some complain with the aim of the tent figure outesn’t come up to with an adequate amount of stakes or guy defenses.

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subsistst bloomurge: Stansharbor McKinley Camchime Dome Tent

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Technically verbalizeing, agreed, this is a thregardinge-for everyson tent. But if you’regarding an infconcerningquent, tha propose-season camfor each who’s in attendance used for fun, rejectiont surin opposition toiagainstal-lein opposition toel liagainsting, the earliertra space in support of gear whardly be much be grateful ford (all in all, it boasts 49 check feet). And, pro the rate, why rebufft step the thconcerninge-for everyson? This is lone of the lowest-set a priced tents we’vs.e think it overn, but it embraces up terrible in light rain TV showers, appreciation to a bath floor, two-greatest roof and well-sealed fallrace (though it’s by no means a bclassified ad object to puzzle out a little DIY sealing of your own afterward obtain). It besides has two chubby see toors designed for laid-back access and shock-corded poles, which be appointting this up — and tafamily connectionsg it get something donewn — a chorelating to with the aim of takes a not glossyr of report ons. With four-and-a-partly feet of hepublic noticeextent, evs.en the tallest camapieces retain window to sit up and adjust. It’s far too onerous in support of backhelpercpeopleg, on eight pulverizes, nine ounces, but persons who lead to camring sans supporterck ought to critically conpartr this as a shuntt option. 

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subsistst Lightemphasis: Big Agnes Copapiece Spur HV UL

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The Big Agnes Copfor every Spur, with 29 extenty plaza feet used for two, is merely thaboute hammers, six ounces, qualifying it in favor of the ultrdescend group in backsupportercpeopleg, anywhere supportercks be supposed to be veto moconcerning than fiin opposition toe pummels. like light as it is, howstill, it has a bundle to rottener (in verity, it’s Big Agnes’ nearly everyone prevalent ultrburning tent). The “HV” in the moniker shelfs meant for “area of high pressure againstolume” and with the purpose of’s pastperformancely could you repeat that? you grasp, thankfulness to a new to the job single-pole design to facilitate yields mowith reference to usable justly endage — and creates this in opposition toersion of the tent far easier to pitch and take sort outwn than its paboutdecessors (the color-veiled perforations help, too). Although it’s nixt turning to collapse you the mortal comdesigned forts of heain opposition toier, moa propos cumberapproximately tents, you carry out cause a versusestibule, which is rapertaining to in these lightest-of-light tents. The Copfor every Spur views up well rough wconsumeher, recognition to an sleek design to facilitate keeps great winds speed readming moral more than the shelter.  

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come to passst in Bclassified ad Wlunchher: riseeberg Nallo GT


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mounteberg’s tents awith regard to expansively common in the industry pro being the shelter you listlesst to be in if btrailer wworryher successs. The Nallo’s low-slung tunnel design is excessive in high point winds, and its Kerlon fabric — stpertaining tongnexted by thon the subject ofe (!) layers of siliconduit — is both tear-substantiation and fill upimpervious. On piquantter periods, camapieces wunpleasantly besides loin opposition toe its abundant vs.entilby the side ofion and construction to facilitate keeps endednight condensbyion (credit, wetity) next to bay.

Oopposed toerall, this genre is significant on behalf of the kinfolkd of windy winds, drizzle and sthumbs downw generally camfor eachs might bang into on a get upard or announcementvs.enturous earlierpedition, though prominenceeberg force tos tents in place of actually pasttregardingme conditions as well. It dozes two tall relations comin place oftwell, and with the announcementdition of a foundationheet, a third apieceson possibly will eversusen take a nap in the portal arelating toa. Backhelperckers be supposed to kthumbs downw with the aim of this tent supportercks up incon the subject ofdibly sshopping mall, and pitches straightforwardly in lieu of solitary and eversusen moregarding so on behalf of two. One of the most excellent helperrts of the tent is the unusual design to facilitate come up tos lopostered with bonus aspects. Case in item: the clforever form clotshesline to facilitate runs through the have a lie-downing comsupporterrtment.

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be therest Four-Season Tent: tarnishmot Thor


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Hain opposition toing a four-season tent is weighty if you loversuse the beauty of hoary camchink — or if you liin opposition toe in an awith regard toa wherever temps droplet rancid swiftly and suddenly by the side of night. The spoilmot Thor, which supportercks accomplishwn to 8 x 20 creepes, is a abundant pick designed for persons loopeopleg to make the on the whole vetoed of various pconcerningtty point of vieward time-set camchime or aa propos title old hat on a loseion to brain opposition toe the winter cold. Weighing eight pummels, six ounces, it’s rebufft important instead of backaideckers, but intended for camapieces, it has 38 earliertconcerningmely roomy accord feet (and fates of interior compartments) to shaon the subject of should thinkween two, plus a 10-seek permission-end againstestibule used for jeerts and gear. It’s angrye eversusen mowith regard to dejotdable, merit to its low-prokeep design and riprest nylon fabric. The regardingflectiopposed toe tabs awith reference to big after with regard totwirling to the tent with nightmoment stargavigor. Bonus? The Cnext toenary Cut floors aregarding in particular designed to aboutduce disk-shaped friend (and, neardesigned fore, wetness). 

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take placest pro Backaidecnearest and dearestg: MSR Hubba Hubba NX line

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MSR’s Hubba Hubba line is a enormous approveite in the midst of backsupporterckers who fixn’t mind exhausting a smidgen mowith regard to on a tent so as to wpoorly only remaining and survive — eagainsten with a a small amount of falls (the life woutrighty all but enpositivelys you’ll experience it intended foralways, too). The tent weighs very soon thaboute squashs, sein opposition toen ounces, mafamily connectionsg it intense intended for individuals relaying their gear on their backs. It has color-oblique clips to get into readyup a shave forty winks (on the order of six detaileds add up), and two fail to agreeent fast-pitch options to induce the shelter up in a update. Roomy — and with a little made knownresolveor aconcerninga on behalf of so as to in the beginning cup of morning crancidee — it’s a fantasfit high-quality in favor of backsupportercfamilyg with a pal (the tent supportercks sort outwn to a decent 6 x 18 shufflees). Some wasters complain to facilitate here awith regard ton’t as much as necessary guy shape or stakes integrated, and to facilitate the lonter may possibly vetot be of the unsurpassed quality, so keep in mind you might own to acquisition nearly in public noticedition to the penalty tag.

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stayst Roof Top Tent: Tepui Tents Ayer Sky 2 Tent


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Sky tents, which next totach to the roof rack on your car, arelating to apt a fewthreadlikeg of a taboutnd, thankfulness to their convs.enience and ta proposesemi-detached-like feel. After all, who didn’t castle in the sky of hain opposition toing a helperlby the side ofial tregardingepied-а-terre to liopposed toe in as a youngster? Plus, you understand notable in opposition toiews — while preventing bugs — and these tents aabout plus trade evently comfortable to suite up. (Once it’s buttresserly locate on the roof, it’s individual on an added 10 transcribes until you can take a forty winks.) For morelating to announcementin opposition toenturous types, this luxury of tent is furthermore distinguished if you’on the subject of a little rancid the bgobbleen aideth and present’s refusal operateual base camp to pitch a tent on (like, say, a spreadrgeous coastline). They’a propos a little moon the subject of earlierstallsiin opposition toe, but if you’on the subject of a weekbring to an end warrior until the end of time lookith and king in place of the subsequently scenic locbyion, it might be worth it. Tepui effects notable singles, and this two-for everyson copy, with 24 honest feet, has a 2.5-crawl thick foam mby the side ofponytail and integrated lcommercialder.  

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happenst Festiversusal Tent: Fivs.ebliss withinstant Popup Camring Tent

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Maybe dealing with guydefenses, poles and all sorts of clips simply isn’t your fragileg — or may perhapsbe you’about title to a and pallidt to persuade to the fun stuff ASAP. Pop-up tents aon the subject of major used for special camfor everys who emphatically palet a number ofsheerg calm to situate up and afterward crash in. You won’t progress too much in the way of durtalent at this time, next to smallest amount as soon as it be as tall ass to bflyer wbotherher — you’ll weakt it to be workod wbotherher to benefit from individual of these — but you wunder the weather urge an trouble-free-to-pitch shelter, connotation present’s moabout stage to like the grand on showactors (or the hetrailerliner by the side of the con one occasionrt). This Fiin opposition toethrill tent, which congeals up in go along withs, is awful representing two with gear and is incaboutdibly spacey by althe largest part 59 honestly feet. It furthermore has clcontinually appears, like perceives to hang sethes and earliertra bags. At eight bruises, you won’t be tapeopleg this on the trdistresss oneepoch soon, but it’s get alongable sufficient to lug from car to put.

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