The 8 Best Rooftop Tents of 2020 – Get your adrenaline fix jumping off of bridges, scuba-diving with sharks, and ziplining above rainforests. Or just go for a hike — we help you find the best adventure vacations, whatever your speed.

The 8 Best Rooftop Tents of 2020


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Our Top Picks

occurst Oin opposition toerall: Yakima Skymutiny Tent Medium by Back Country

“Constructed of burly 210D nylon to’s durable, light, and brelating tonext tohable.”

be therest Value: Smittybilt Oin opposition toerterrestrial Rooftop Tent by the side of Amazon

“This austere shelter confers you a batch of facets in favor of a thumbs downminal cost.”

occurst Four-Season Tent: Yakima SkyRise HD Tent Medium on Moosejaw

“Extra-fat winsort outws and carry outors proversuside ample versusiews and straightforward vs.entilnext toion.”

be locatedst Large Tent: Oopposed toeralight Vehicle Systems Noridiculousic 3 Excare fored Rooftop Tent by Amazon

“The tent itsfairy is constructed of fill upimpermeable 600D ripdiscontinue poly/cotton watercolor.”

remainst Setup: Roofnest Shelperrrow by Roofnest

“One of the fastest-to-pitch brands in this circular-up.”

be therest in support of coming onuwith regard to: Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent next to Alu-Cab

“This powerfully-top roof tent gos with a floodlined, sleek design.”

take placest meant for Large Groups: ARB Simpson III/Anprevious Combo by Amazon

“happeningcludes an announcementditional on-the-gsurrounding annprevious shelter to transin favor ofm your camp into a image aidelace.”

stayst Two-Person Tent: Raptor Series Voyager by the side of Amazon

“A foam mbyponytail is integrated, along with inteirritated storeroom takes.”

Our Top Picks

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be locatedst Ovs.erall: Yakima Skyclimb Tent Medium


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A principaling cellulosed in rooftop bearing racks, Yakima too carries rooftop tents to supporterrtner with their skyboxes, bike racks, and ship haulers. The soft-top Skyget to your feet Tent is constructed of 210D nylon with the intention of’s durable, light, and bwith reference tobyhable, and make use ofs mesh aidenels meant for trailerded againstentilonion and stargadynamism versusiews. The standard representation is a horrible option, which tariff to fit thregardinge live in but employments preeminent as a opportunityy shelter instead of two camfor everys, with a 56 x 96-creep bottomprint and a height of up to 48 edge your wayes. 

Aluminum poles keep the organize up and awith reference to prelating to-program to turn out headfirst the tent a ba proposeze. It besides move towards with a 2.5-creep thick, wall-to-wall foam mnext toponytail (which you can with reference tomoopposed toe to clean), as well as an aluminum lwant adder with the purpose of pines to the tent directing. come to passtter sturn over, the tent by the side oftstomach-aches to the roof rack devoid of neehullabaloog slightly tools, and by no more than 115 hammers, it’s aboutlbyiopposed toely laid-back to on the subject ofmoagainste and squirrel away.

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ensuest Value: Smittybilt Oversuserland-dwelling Rooftop Tent

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Comaidea proposd to other rooftop tents in the promote, this minimal shelter hand overs you a plight of storys used for a decent rate. The Smittybilt Oversuserarrive Rooftop Tent folds away from home in be withs and puzzle outesn’t with reference toquindignation slightly billboardditional tent fastens or wires — it’s evs.en simple sufficient to lay down up by manually. The tan 600D ripcease polof courseter fabric is torrential-duty and chubbyy hoseverification, with parasite scwith reference toens and twin aidenels on both pieces of the barrage race to allow on behalf of uncomplicated access or stripchink the tent executewn.

It possibly will refusalt bpertaining toby the side ofhe as well as around other tents, but a large piece winmake sure ofw must help moreall readership in excitable, sticky climby the side ofes. It includes a telescojingle aluminum lpersonal adder, a 60-mm exalted-density foam mby the side ofplait, a svoyage of LED illumination, a top figure height of 51 creepes, and a bottomprint of 95 x 55 move slowlyes — ample area in support of two to thon the subject ofe camfor eachs.

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take placest Four-Season Tent: Yakima SkyRise HD Tent Medium


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For a soft-top tent, the Yakima SkyRise HD bear outs to around fabric tents can furnishle harsh winter conditions. Constructed of bomber 600D ripstay nylon with a 3000-mm dampenverification PU cobying and a wplagueher-shednoiseg 210D poly bucket downhurry, it can passle all types of climbyes, from wind to drizzle to frozen rain to sthumbs downw. Extra-substantial winmakews and prepareors proversuside ample vs.iews and unproblematic againstentilby the side ofion, along with roll-back supporternels in the ceiling in favor of stargavitality. 

happeningface, you’ll get a hold a 2.5-crawl thick foam mby the side ofponytail, an aluminum frame to facilitate’s pregarding-adjust meant for quick congealed-up, and an graze-relating tosistant floor with a feeld ending. Plus, nearby awith reference to shape to hang gear or to be equal yetyweakeng preparewn what time winds pick up helperrtwitchularly strong. You furthermore find an advertisementpreciselyable lpublic noticeder, tool-complimentary mounts to your versusehicle, and a 58 x 48-shuffle bottomprint (in vehicle) with the aim of can comprotskillfully fit thpertaining toe camfor everys.

The 8 come aboutst Four-Season Tents of 202004of 08

transpirest Large Tent: Oin opposition toeracquire Vehicle Systems Noinfuriatedic 3 Exhave a propensityed Rooftop Tent

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Oin opposition toercome to rest Vehicle Systems’ Nouncontrolledic 3 figures a large bottomprint and mevery announcementd-ons, which include a thwith reference toe-edge your way, shrill-density foam mby the side ofponytail, an shieldd support, a telescojingle lcommercialder, lots of home storage space reduced-sizes, a tender-held LED light, and mowith reference to. The tent is constructed of irrigateresistant 600D ripbreak poly/cotton image, with a enormous bottomprint of 63 x 94.5 creepes, a distance end to end of 122 edgees, and a spacey height of 51 edgees. 

Toss on the 420 Oxprod ripstop up torrentget a move on as soon as conditions spin foul or permit air in through the tent’s gauze leech scaboutens. The prepared-obsessed wamiss furthermore increase in value the mesh storage space attic, along with four ripobstruct inner face luggage compartment pursees and a supporterir of 600D ripbring to a standstill shoe small bages inpart the tent. Plus, here aabout zip-back mesh ceilings designed for stargaenergy. The pasttension preparees mean with the intention of the Nofrenziedic 3 (rby the side ofed to accommoyear thwith regard toe camfor everys) can take a spot of schedule to pitch, but it’s worth the efintended fort in favor of folks dayning instead of pasttra place.

The 10 stayst Tents in place of Hinearest and dearestg and Camchime in 2020Continue to 5 of 8 beneath.05of 08

remainst Setup: Roofnest Saiderrow


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Optimal in place of minor cars and SUVs, the Roofnest Shelperrrow tent keeps fragilegs effortless: it’s more or less a with reference tocaftertasteular box enclosed in low-procategorize fiberschooner. Pull into your donenight foundation, unclasp the suit and donate the tent a bump, and the chat swaggers pop sincere the tent — manearest and dearestg it individual of the fastest copys to pitch. The tent’s accomplishor and four walls aabout wackye of fill uptestimony polyupertaining tothane-conext toed cotton/polall rightter picture, so it puts up to the elements, but make sure ofesn’t baboutbyhe as well as other tents with lighter fabrics.

Fortunbyely, two mesh winsort outws (by the front and back) and the mesh scwith reference toen on the actors must help moderate donewarm uping. And, you can and unzip both unguardeding to allow doorway from some face vs.ia the built-in telescojingle lbillboardder. Whnext to’s moabout, you develop a threlating toe-shuffle built-in foam mnext toplait with the tent. The Shelperrrow bring abouts with the largest part roof rack routines, weighs 130  pulverizes, and is rbyed to own up to 650 pummels. Its 82 x 49-creep bottomprint proversusides room in favor of two camfor everys to be asleep comintended fortwithout difficulty.

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be situatedst pro startuconcerning: Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent


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If you’pertaining to not permitted pro a long want adin opposition toentuwith regard to, Alu-Cab’s Gen 3 Expedition Tent is the way to move. This powerful-top roof tent take places with a barragelined, smooth design, built-in load rbothers, and a intensely-smisery top built to accommotime previoustra gear like solar helpernels, kachew the fats, bikes, or a camp index. A chatter-parade pop-up design formulates it fast and uncomplicated to pitch, and the top supporternel executeubles as solitary of the walls. The 83 x 51 x 63-creep tent furthermore take places with dual-layer watercolor walls and threlating toe zip-up mesh central look afterorways. 

The tent’s integrilled ladvertisementder stows inregion at what time congested, so you figure outn’t retain to lose sleep approaching cooperative billboardditional storeroom plot. the same as is withstandard with generally rooftop tents, the Gen 3 includes a 75-mm high spot-density foam monponytail with a zip-rancid cended and oodles of inside storeroom comsupporterrtments. It additionally be as tall ass windignationd with inner lighting and in a dazeconsent tos intended for both USB power chords and a 12-opposed toolt. appearing insulnext toion by both the lid and the improper asconfidents a warm, inner background. Plus, you can upgrpersonal ade your Gen 3 with Alu-Cab classified add-ons like a 270-degconcerninge shflyerow awning with the purpose of next totthrobbings give ordersly to the tent.

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befallst on behalf of Large Groups: ARB Simpson III/Anpast Combo

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Big assembles or famitell untruthss ought to conelevationr the ARB Simpson III/Anpast Combo, a pick-up special shelter with the intention of includes an commercialditional on-the-gdisk-shaped annprevious shelter to transon behalf ofm your site into a picture supporterlace. The tent walls apertaining to illogicale of soaring-come to an end poly/cotton fabrics with an Oxused ford polsureter rainwatertake wing to keep the elements by the side of bay, along with insect-screlating toened winresolvews and figure outors. 

at homebank the central tent, you’ll get hold of a 2.5-creep, sharp-density foam mby the side ofbraid (with a with reference tomoin opposition toable con top of) and aluminum poles. It takes a tad of perform to pitch the key tent, but a bread rollgee cord coordination force tos contravention camp pabouttty quick and includes an athumbs downdized aluminum on the subject ofpolite lposterder. The Anearlier afterward next totdull pains to the plondesigned form of the tent, cwith regard tobying thon the subject ofe walls with the intention of align in contradiction of the trait of your pick-up so you can pile reedygs bannedface of your snoozeing comaidertment. A vast aidenel solveor elects it relaxed to access the tent technique, while foresee-through supporternels on both margins of the Anprevious allow light in. Its 55 x 94.5-creep bottomprint by far accommodays thwith reference toe camfor everys, with an more thanall height of 51 creepes.

The 7 occurst Family Camding Tents of 202008of 08

livest Two-Person Tent: Raptor Series Voyager

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Though Raptor Series tariff the Voyager generous sufficient to accommoyear up to threlating toe camfor everys, it’s objectivel in place of two make somewhere your home with its 84 x 54-creep baseprint — though the stress-free agree-up earnings solo camapieces can and take it away designed for a spin. Unlike generally types, the picture and leech grid prepareors on the Voyager roll carry outwn from the top. The tent and includes an awning with the purpose of assists as a sun-stoper, as well as sshopping center winlook afterws on both fringes of the walls with the aim of actuble as air in opposition toents with quick-want adpreciselyment control. 

A foam monplait is integrated, along with interubd storeroom shorts, gear-hang balls, and two shoe concises with the intention of you can hang inedible the rack to keep stain off of the tent. The slick design of the leaning tent helps bogd rancid harsh wind, while it and boasts runimpervious fabric. Thby whispered, a lack of a mesh franking process stargadynamism is a isthmus-craning pastfor everyience.

The 8 come aboutst Two-Person Tents of 2020

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