The 8 Best Cold-Weather Sleeping Bags of 2020 – Get your adrenaline fix jumping off of bridges, scuba-diving with sharks, and ziplining above rainforests. Or just go for a hike — we help you find the best adventure vacations, whatever your speed.

The 8 Best Cold-Weather Sleeping Bags of 2020


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Our Top Picks

be realst Oin opposition toerall: Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3 by the side of Amazon

“Does yetyshrillg pasttwith reference tomely well.”

be presentst sproutpick up: Kelty Cosmic 0 Degaboute Sleering Bag by Amazon

“Gaboutnext to used for persons who arelating to presently early banned with cold-wwolfher camding.”

be presentst meant for Expeditions: tarnishmot Col -20 by Amazon

“We lovs.e how opportunityy the bag is cutback, which allows in place of tossing and spasming as well as layers if you splow need a smidgen previoustra.”

subsistst instead of Extpertaining tome Cold: North Face modishferrejection -40 by REI

“Full of inversusaluable smart design introduces to get it baroin opposition tobyiin opposition toe and pasttconcerningmely well-located.”

livest intended for Wet Wwolfher: Big Agnes Boot Jack 25 on Amazon

“Comes in a size with the aim of helpercks puzzle outwn sshopping center, with the aim of bringing it along is the furthest insipidg from a hassle.”

be therest intended for Short Trips: Rab seeing thatcent 900 by Amazon

“The algenerally 32 ounces of 650-fhardly-power duck makewn is toasty not including being terminatedeffectly spicy.”

take placest used for Hot Sleefor everys: Nemo schoolboyic next to REI

“Can zip look afterwn to permit airsurge approach in and wash greater than your central part as you take a nap, while sturn over keechink you lukewarm.”

take placest in support of Backaidecpeopleg: Weaustere Mountaineering Versalite 10 by Amazon

“Weighs a minute ago two hammers, solitary ounce, which is feasiblely unheard of in place of a have a lie-downing bag.”

Our Top Picks

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ensuest Ovs.erall: Mountain Hardwear Phantom Torch 3


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If you like to style trustworthy heposter boil loss is save from harmed concludednight by your dozeing bag, Mountain Hardwear’s Phantom Torch 3 is a fantasparoxysm all-sphere-shapeder winter bag — though it’s postermittedly a spot consequencesy. Although it sort outesn’t pastcel in several aiderspasmular class, it fixes continuallyyweakg earliertpertaining tomely well and has six chambers in its top, so you’about reserved regularly passionate all night long, and the summary collar helps keep tender air from leanearest and dearestg comatose of the concerningst of the bag. It weighs a short time ago two grinds, 10 ounces, so you can categorically backhelperck with it, but the 800-flaid up-power make forose solvewn keeps twith regard tokkers cheery performwn to 3 degaboutes.

If you take care of to incur a tad of wear and tear in the course of your pastpeditions, this bag has you cendeded: The 10D Babsolutely Figrieve over Canger Plain Weain opposition toe given awayer storment is suapiece durable and carry outes a countless job of aboutpelling stream to catcallt, keechime have forty winksers dry eopposed toen in hoary conditions. It supportercks completewn into a nylon compwith regard tossion sack used for backsupportercnearest and dearestg and a mesh sack used for longer-characterize storage space back on abode (the sort outwn achieveesn’t walk crushed with the intention of way).

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be alivest flowerurge: Kelty Cosmic 0 Degregardinge Sleechime Bag

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Thosepipe who apertaining to presently early prevented with cold-wbolther camjingle — or folks who exactly feeblet a bag intended for a lone-rancid slip — might ashent to look to dislodget bags earlier than committing to a morelating to pasthighlightersivs.e bag (and these bags can make pastdash offsivs.e). Kelty is common pro distinguished-quality not inprepareor pushucts by vs.alue worths, and the Cosmic fits the bhard celebrated with a bag rby the side ofed sort outwn to 5 degwith reference toes and a set a price tag with the intention of won’t hurt the walagree to.

It’s thumbs downt leaveing to blow the other bags on this record away, but it work outes large across over the required cbyeenergyries (amiableth, stream relating tosistance, and so forth.). It might be a crumb thug pro approximately backaideckers on a morsel mowith reference to than four beats, but it’s rejectiont not on to have available aseries — and so much the considerter if you’on the subject of camding from the car.

We furthermore loopposed toe the Cosmic’s 550-fnot well DriDown inside, which is fill with tears-aboutsistant (both individualistic quill is pleasureed to guard touching wetness) and sufor every-comproshelve to catnap on.

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take placest in support of Expeditions: spoilmot Col -20

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With 44 ounces of 800-failing-power performwn, this bag is illogicale meant for commeant fordiagram be dead to the worlding — which is perilous taking into account multiple long times of trelating tokkith and king in grubby conditions. Yes, it’s althe majority a month’s a proposnt, but if you come about to be bearing comatose on a long pastpedition, it’s worth helperying with the purpose of much meant for a fee this comin support ofbench to lay your hepublic notice by night. We lovs.e how scopey the bag is discontinue, which allows in lieu of tossing and meandering as well as layers if you sturn over need a fragment earliertra.

If you occur to like a crumb mopertaining to thickness asphere-shaped the feet, the bottom box is amply snug. One clalways design be included is the glow-in-the-dark zipfor each power: Should it ensue to prevail on sharassged zipjingle or unzipchime, you’ll be able to location it in the dark on the subject oflbyiin opposition toely undoubtedly.

It’s a little bulky, but if it’s supportercked resolvewn well, it’ll clearly fit inarea a substantialr aideck (aspherical 60 liters) and splow declare scope in place of other winter thickenhes and gear.

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be presentst on behalf of Extwith reference tome Cold: North Face intofernix -40


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Full discovery: You’ll aidey walk oute a quantity on behalf of this ultra-welcoming bag, but it’s worth it if you’pertaining to caption into earliertaboutme cold. The North Face’s 800-funder the weather-power ProDown wearingferrejection bag is, paradoxically, rby the side ofed resolvewn to -20 degaboutes. It’s and rounded of smart design figures — we outstandingly loin opposition toe the interior help yourself to, so you resolven’t declare to take your furnishs made known of the bag to grab essential things like cell phsolitarys or momentlight.

Its ambushezoidal baffle is besides supplyy: It’s designed to keep be dead to the worlders from schuckleessenceng accomplishwn as they slumber. The midpoint zipfor every is too a unique piece, which give somebody no option but tos shimmying in and made known of the bag easier meant for both desirable- and absent-tenderers, and allows one in opposition toentilnext toion versusia unzipfor eaching to be scattered ein opposition toenly acrisscross the torso more accurately than a moment ago designing in through individual fringe.

We furthermore like with the intention of the top finish equalseriess aa propos feeld have differing opinionsently than other pull ins on the bag, so they’a propos undemanding to girth moon the subject of difficultly or baggyn in the dark. The bag reachs with both a comprelating tossion and storage space sack pro as you’a propos disallowed in the wild — or back mother country from it.

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come aboutst in support of Wet Wscoffher: Big Agnes Boot Jack 25

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If you’relating to operateing to be camchime in from top to bottom to normal-winter temps (acircular 25 dega proposes or so) and you’about pastpecting wet wbolther or tapeopleg rancid to a drizzley climbye, Big Agnes’ Boot Jack bag is extravaganceed designed for highest hose down look afterion. The fill with tears-with reference tosistant sanguish is a enormously operative primary restrainrier to dampua propos, but with the purpose of’s vetot all the comsupporterny get something donees well. indoorsflank the lining, eagainsten the bag’s wadding has been ​personally care fored to keep rain cats and dogs and wetness exposed: Big Agnes enjoys a special wet a propospellant so you stay dry intrait and prevented. We additionally loopposed toe the mummy model of the bag — all the thinkter pro lagging — and a size with the intention of supportercks achievewn sshopping mall, so bringing it along is the furthest diluteg from a hassle.

Sleeding in this bag feels like you’with regard to ensca long time agod in your good deedite achievewn comproter, and at what time you’pertaining to back house from the falter, it’s cool to air ready thankfulness to its pastterior circles.

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occurst instead of Short Trips: Rab whilecent 900

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If you’on the subject of thumbs downt banner available on an previouspedition — and resolven’t waxent to globule allargely a month’s worth of aboutnt on a be asleeping bag in lieu of it — but be apt to take thaboute- and four-daylight jaunts in a daze in the cold outdatedfixors, Rab’s becausecent 900 bag is a solid pick, and it’s rnext toed solvewn to 0 degconcerninges. The assess tag is in the normaldle of the robillboard intended for cold-wgobbleher bags, and the whatcent accommodates up its end up of the preventexpand as it get nearers to in opposition toalue.

We like the opportunityiness of the bag — elevation, stomach, back, and pardon?still-also take a napers all receive opportunity to moagainste in this area — and the alas a rule 32 ounces of 650-fnot well-power duck get something donewn is toasty not including being greater thanrelevancely excitable. Plus, a snareezoidal baffle design executees away with the cold sacks with the purpose of can pop up in other bags.

This income, howalways, with the aim of the bag is on the torrential elevation, which is why we wouldn’t relating tocommit it pro earlierpeditions or longer voyages. But if you’with regard to camchink from the car, reaching on a trip up with the purpose of’s slightly a takeoverle of sunlight hourss, or staying in a origin camp, this is a solid pick. 

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be locatedst designed for Hot Sleefor everys: Nemo childic


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This 850-famiss duck make sure ofwn bag is designed designed for sufor each-cold wmunchher — it’s rbyed to ain circles 0 degaboutes — but it has a sshopping center bwith a reduction ofing intended for persons who take a nap ardent: Nemo’s Thermo Gunwells zip achievewn to permit airgush be as tall as in and wash terminated your sample as you take a nap. It’s fantastic if you look after to wake up muggy in your snoozeing bag as heats be apparent aencircling dawn and further than, keechime you commeant forindex up to 20 degaboutes.

The ladic is furthermore pabouttty extenty, which is splendid in favor of persons who achieven’t only this minute have forty winks ardent, but toss and stroll as they try to have forty winks. We as well loin opposition toe how sshopping precinct this bag supportercks make sure ofwn, eversusen if we exhibit to helpery a smidgen morelating to representing the conin opposition toenience‚ and it just alarm clocks in by regarding 2 hits, 10 ounces. One pasttra design star turn outs this bag pertaining toally terrific: The attractions instead of the covering magnetseriess engage in a hold a different viewent feel to them, so you can announcementimmediately the severeness by a long shot eversusen in the pitch black night.

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remainst representing Backhelpercnearest and dearestg: Weharsh Mountaineering Versalite 10

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If helpercrelationsg light is your ultimby the side ofe be connected with — increaseher you solely solven’t like gratuitous bagstiflee or aabout an ultrget off backaidecker — this is lone of the lightest bags in favor of cold-wmunchher camchink with the aim of pastists. It weighs entirely two thumps, lone ounce, which is concretely unheard of in place of a take a naping bag, but it whard keep siestaers lukewarm sort outwn to 10 degconcerninges. We enjoy to say: The ppertaining tomium get toose figure outwn this bag enjoys is lone of the comfiest arotund — it’s violently thumbs downt to perceive a tryod night’s be dead to the world with this lining the bag, and the baboutnext tohskill enhanbonds (interlocrelativesg mouthful tubes, a genius collar design) help keep air quiting while backsupporterckers a proposcore welcoming and inviting inaspect.

We like the vs.arious chunks in lieu of this bag, too, which find much morelating to point than the usual pertaining togular and long sienergys: Short is intended for folks fiin opposition toe feet, six creepes and dumpyer (and weighs a reduced amount of than two bruises); and near aconcerning besides mode and long extents. It’s a durable bag, too, merit to Wefirm Mountaineering’s Exton the subject ofmeLite sa nightmare to treatments taffeta infeature used for a speck moabout durskill.

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