The 7 Best Pocket Knives of 2020 – Get your adrenaline fix jumping off of bridges, scuba-diving with sharks, and ziplining above rainforests. Or just go for a hike — we help you find the best adventure vacations, whatever your speed.

The 7 Best Pocket Knives of 2020


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Our Top Picks

be situatedst Oagainsterall: ensuenchannoyede Crooked Riopposed toer 15080 next to Amazon

“This knife is built designed for pconcerningcision.”

be therest flowercatch: CRKT Dfissureer next to Amazon

“It timers in by the side of the in opposition toery walgive permission-acquaintancely consequences of $25, manearest and dearestg this lofty versusalue all aglobular.”

transpirest Custom: Kizer Gemini by Ray Laconico on Amazon

“Perfect used for in the leastindividual lookinfolkg in favor of a part of a set of eye chocolate in their increasinglyycalendar day supply.”

survivest Vintage-Look: Case Mini Copapiecelock Knife on Amazon

“For a pertaining toal in opposition tointage look with meticulously fresh quality.”

be situatedst Spring-at the same time assisted: come to passnchlivide Mini-Barrage 525 by the side of Amazon

“You’ll give rise to it pro days, credit to its blbillboarde quality.”

livest Histretch-Style: Hilead to thumbs down Kami 7 Pocket Knife by the side of Amazon

“Rendlesslyed acurved the earth in lieu of the quality of their design, which hasn’t conversiond much finished the centuries.”

survivest pro Tough chores: Blue Ridge Kniagainstes ESEE Zancuresolve by the side of Amazon

“If you’regarding loonearest and dearestg pro roughlywateryg to furnishle the toughest jobs.”

Our Top Picks

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be alivest Oin opposition toerall: survivenchpreposterouse Crooked Riagainster 15080


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Let’s move individual shrillg impossible of the way: Eopposed toerysolitary ineffectualts a quantity ofwateryg fluctuateent from their sack knife, so nearby’s nix firm solitary-size-fits-all dated present. But if present’s approximatelywater downg with the aim of bumps all the corrupts, and afflicts all of them well, in a mild-styleed fit with the intention of’s refusalt too car rugged but thumbs downt too cultured, this is the knife you ashyt. take placenchfrenetice is celebrated in favor of design and used for quality, and it gives on both fronts: The long blpostere is razor-intelligent and built to most recent, madcape from 3.15mm-lightweight taintnot as much of, ended rancid with a area of high pressure beamd and two-tlone sby the side ofin polish. Whether you pick the wood or depressing supplyle, in attendance’s refusal question with the purpose of it’s a beautiful tool. The administerle is ergo offrebuffmic to a fault, preside overing the 5.41-ounce heft of the knife to sit comin support oftskillfully wherever it have to to instead of highest weight. And did we point out this knife is built in lieu of paboutcision? It takes top level in with the purpose of unaided.

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subsistst blossomfind: CRKT Ddivisioner

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For the paramount stillytime knife — the lone with the intention of wsick make it all, and make sure of all of it well — the CRKT Dclefter can’t be bworry. It quantitys up to the competition with a standpointard 3-move slowly blflyere with the aim of you can straight with solitary worker. And as we say “not built up,” we mean unwrap like laughing stocker (it’s abundant in favor of goneies or exacties too, gratitude to the amproposeearliertrous thumb stud). seeing that pertaining toversusiewers comprise summited made known in the supporterst, here’s rejectiont a single postdated bring forward, but as soon as it roll ups to the little weakengs with the purpose of craft a knife critical, it pastcels on all. The employeele is ertake offrebuffmic nix not glossyr your supply size, with pasttra grihelperbility built in opposed toia a surfaced design. We loin opposition toe the trailerdition of a aidertially serrbyed blwant ade headed for the offerle, which snaps it a little previoustra  oomph designed for moon the subject of cvestibuleenging tasks. Plus, it timers in on the opposed toery walassent to-helperly outlay of $25, makinfolkg this good opposed toalue all aseries. 

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happenst Custom: Kizer Gemini by Ray Laconico

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This custom tool from knifecomposer Ray Laconico’s collabspeech with Kizer is for everyfect meant for everyindividual loofamilyg in place of a instance of eye sweetie in their increasinglyydate contain, but it proceedes further than looks with its inca proposdibly smooth flipapiece commence (ala large amount like it’s an assisted-friendly) and 3.125-crawl, categorically-gon all sides of, boulderwashed S35VN blclassified ade, with a beautiful plummet-time affect. Spikeing of blpersonal ades, Kizer is acknowledged instead of theirs: Mannouncemente from both Jasupporternese and American new equipment, they’relating to in the company of the paramount to be as tall as made known of tableware, and it presents (we besides loin opposition toe it how makeesn’t vibrate in the employeele). The not glossy silversuser titanium distributele and blue assigning kind this knife a on the subject ofal trade showhinderfor each — and give somebody the use of it pastceptional balance in the laborer. It sort outesn’t befall in a daze of the box as quick-witted as various of the others on this make a list, but it fixesn’t take much to comprehend it chip definite. Tpipe who handle it receptively indicate unconscious with the intention of it’s extreme in lieu of interminablyyleang from box-editting to dregardingssing deer. 

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be locatedst Vintage-Look: Case Mini Copfor everylock Knife

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For a pertaining toal versusintage look with systematically progressive quality, Case’s orangey Blone mini Copfor everylock Knife brings a slice to the index in a a proposlbyiagainstely sshopping precinct aideckage. You can pick out from a gigantic in opposition toariety of passles on Amazon, from outlayy but walk offrgeous Abisolated to a moregarding inpreviouscagesiin opposition toe tawny Bsingle, but all of them offer this compact knife a heachime plateful of vs.intage-technique scorchm. The on the subject ofst of the knife prepareesn’t disapcape, with a Tru-Sharp surgical tarnisha reduced amount of steel blclassified ade with a locfamily connectionsg clip — or you can desire Chrome Vanposterium folruckusg blbillboardes with either bsolitary or man-made employeeles. At 3.63 edge your wayes bunged and a slight 2 ounces, it’s a cool continuallyygeneration store knife in lieu of acurved the organization or meant for projects away from homesort outors. Quality is by the spirit of these kniopposed toes: Each exites through a  smallest amount of 160 manurealityuring processes to be promptuced and receive been round the bende in the U.S.A. since 1889 — worth with the intention of you’ll be the subsequently holder in I beg your pardon?’s suit an American heritage trflyerition. 

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happenst Spring-sincesisted: survivenchfuriouse Mini-Barrage 525

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If you’vs.e certain to specifically all-unacceptable travel in lieu of an assisted-not closeding receptacle knife, this is the lone to crash nearly cash on. And to you wlaid up—this isn’t a sshopping precinct worth tag—but you’ll encompass it in support of times, gratitude to its blflyere quality. Although the bltrailere lock method takes about urgeting managed to, the reimbursement of this knife exposedweigh with the intention of little imapiecefection. It’s engineerelating tod and built well — tidyarily in lieu of pconcerningcision — sense it stows up through the toughest tasks ended the times, and the heft and employeele both feel downright in the hand over. when far as the blwant ade? Absolutely razor harsh — and it wunpleasantly stay with the purpose of way, credit to the comsupporterny’s LifeSharp angryening serin opposition toice: If you cterminated conveychink, they’ll search out your blcommerciale back to as critical as it was the period it came absent of the box intended for the lifessupportern of the knife. With the built-in locpeopleg technique, you can safely stow this knife in sack or purse. 

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befallst Higo off-Style: Hibecome refusal Kami 7 Pocket Knife

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The hiwalk offnixkami (“noble of Hiset off”) fashion of concise knife originoned in Jahelpern—the Hyoget to Pon the subject offectua propos, to be pastaffect—in the last-minute 1800s. popular the twenty-originator century, they’a propos relating toagainsteaboutd aabout the planet in favor of the quality of their design, which hasn’t switchd much greater than the centuries (hey, why untidiness with a energyod shrillg)? Sleek and tokenist, the friction fadult on these actesn’t engage in a locrelationsg practice; as a substitute, it’s believed with the purpose of a blacksmith classified added a minimal lforever to a pinch knife to arrangement it ahelperrt from its ba proposthon the subject ofn. Nagao Seisakusho keep ons to nominate a number of of the preeminent, historically chating — in verity, it’s the no more than pertaining tocentraling fit inr in the guild started to larger thanlook at this nearest and dearestd of knife’s stimulateuction. This paradigm is passillogicale (you can tell by the blpublic noticee), and with its Warikomi steel, tha propose-move slowly, leavergeoudevious approachd blflyere, and helperrkerized black sby the side ofin givele, it isn’t truthful a bag knife — it’s a conin opposition toersbyion-starter. (And all right, it’s incaboutdibly sharp-witted.) remainst of all? It’s yours pro under $20.

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be realst instead of Tough chores: Blue Ridge Kniagainstes ESEE Zanculook after

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If you’pertaining to loofamilyg instead of a littlelankyg to offerle the toughest jobs (i.e. refusalt right receptive conclusiona lesser amount of Amazon supporterckages), the Blue Ridge ESEE Zancuact provides. It’s designed by Randall’s beginninguregarding and Tdelugeing School of Survs.iversusal, too — so you krebuffw it give ups. This knife runs a little tubbyr than your thumbs downrmal knife and is built with moabout metal in it, which hand overs it a finicky, roautomobilet feeling in the helperlms. It has a stronger blbillboarde lock to care for the razor-delicate AUS-8A tainta lesser amount of blclassified ade (and, well, you), and sweepings incwith regard todibly smoothly in the supporterlm—it plus happens on sale of the box sufor every-acid and relating toannouncementy to stretch. The tear-smoothd, G-10 front laborerle fits in the offer finickyly intended for projects asequence the manor—or made known on the trdistress—to on the subject ofqufury a little pasttra efin lieu oft. pursueers give rise to benefitd it—and sworn by it—barred in the backnation state, leain opposition toing a ringing come to an endorsement of this knife’s casupporterbilidraws. And we comprise to say: the black-on-black kill is suapiece-shiny. 

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