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Off-Roading to Wickenburg’s Box Canyon


Off-Roading in Arizona

Stan Strange/Getty Images Simply northwest of Phoenix, Arizona is a desert river that increases from the midsts of the desert sand and afterwards goes away once more. Hence, it is called “the inverted river.” The Hassayampa River comes from the Bradshaw Mountains as well as moves, primarily underground, via Wickenburg, Arizona. This riparian environment is an interesting area to go to.

Know When to Go(And When Not to)The Hassayampa River, which is translated to imply “upside-down river,”normally has substantial completely dry river bed locations unless there is rainfall. So ensure you stay clear of increasing the river when it is drizzling or endangering to rainfall– the river can flooding swiftly. It do without stating that you ought to not go increasing the river without a 4×4 car and also desert driving ability.

Who Owns the Area? Package Canyon location is independently had. This is not a park and also for that reason is not patrolled by rangers. Unthinking campers and also site visitors can leave garbage behind, however. You’ll typically see livestock or wild pets wandering along the river. It can be a lovely area to camp, trip or walk.

What You Will See Allow a number of hrs for your journey to the location, for treking about and also checking out as well as for the journey back. You’ll admire the appeal of the riverbed, the cacti actually expanding on the rough high cliffs, the geology of the location, and also the mining background left. It’s additionally a relatively amazing location to go when it’s warm in the Phoenix location with cottonwoods, tamarind, and also willows to color you.

Taking a Jeep Tour If you’ve never ever been to package Canyon or have actually never ever driven in sandy dirt, a jeep excursion is the means to go. BC Jeep Tours is a strong option– you can locate their workplace as you get in community on the very best Western Hotel home. They have actually frequently arranged jeep journeys to the location and also give you with a strong jeep as well as notified guide/driver.

Preparing for the Trip Anytime you take a trip out in the desert, you’ll require water, an overflowed hat, day walker footwear (that you can splash ), sun block and also treats. In the winter months, be prepared to layer on your clothes as it can obtain cool along the river and also, if you take a jeep excursion, from the wind cool as you ride along. And also do not neglect your cam!

Directions to package Canyon

From the facility of Wickenburg, take 93 (North Tegner) north out of community. Transform precisely Rincon roadway. The roadway will certainly end up being dust and afterwards go back to a smooth roadway. You will certainly go across the Hassayampa river bed two times. You’ll continue the roadway as it comes to be a dust roadway as well as pass a deserted mine. There is a junction. Rincon Road proceeds up as well as to the left yet go directly and after that to the entrusted to take you on a harsh rocky roadway to the river. This will certainly take you on a harsh roadway that goes right to the river. As soon as you reach the river bed, head left and also comply with the tire tracks. Package Canyon will become on your left.

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